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Conversion cycle

At Cutting Edge we have created something called the CONVERSION CYCLE. Each piece of the circle represents information based on helping you make sure a conversion is right for you. We have also gathered facts which demonstrate why converting is worth it.

Reasons for converting

England is currently the second most populated country in Europe 419+ people per square km, only second to Malta. However England is 416 times bigger than Malta. So we know this means there are going to be fluctuating housing markets, recessions, short supply of houses and countless other things. Add these facts to the prospect of moving home and you end up with all sorts of problems. So more often than not it’s better to renovate your existing house. Loft & garage conversions can help add value to your home and are ideal for all sorts, extra bedroom or two. Maybe you always wanted a master bedroom and en-suite or family bathroom. Perhaps a play room for the kids or an office to help save money commuting to and from work every day. There are many uses for a loft & garage conversion so whatever that may be, Cutting Edge are here to help you get the conversion you need!

Can I convert

With England’s very diverse roofing structures, we are almost always able to find a way to convert them.

We are a well-known country for using garages and lofts to store unwanted things. So why not turn those spaces into something useful. We can even build storage cupboards into the conversion to help restore some of your things.

You or your neighbours enquired years ago and could not have it done! Well regulations have changed a lot over the years, opening up all sorts of possibilities.

Shallow roof pitches are not impossible to convert. Certain instances you are able to change the pitch of your roof or alter ceiling heights. These solutions will allow you to gain the much needed height needed for a roomy conversion.

You may also have what is called a truss roof, this is something that looks unconvertible to most people. However this is a common type of conversion these days. It may require more work but, nothing Cutting Edge can’t handle.

You may have gas or electric meters in your garage. Well these are easily relocated to more convenient locations. It’s usually just a case of liaising with the relevant utility companies.

The process


After receiving your enquiry we will liaise with you to arrange a convenient date and time for the initial survey. Once the costing and drawing are completed, we can either arrange a second visit to go through the details or email them to you. It is advisable to take the time you need to carefully consider the proposal in detail before making any decisions.

The Agreement

If you enter into an agreement with Cutting Edge we would then arrange for our architect to do a full survey. This includes drawings detailing the conversion and all the calculations regarding structural beams etc… Once completed a copy of the drawing will be sent to you and all relevant planning authorities.

Paperwork Stage

This is where all the correct permissions and certificates are gained from the relevant councils. This process can take 2 – 6 weeks depending on what is required. Once all the approvals have been gained, we will then liaise with you regarding a start date. We will always avoid giving an accurate start date until approvals have been gained. During this process I will arrange a visit to check measurements and acquire accurate materials lists. It’s always a good time to generally have a chat to go over any questions you may have.


Finally the day has arrived for work to start! There are a few different stages to completing a conversion. A typical job will consist of completing the floor, making any changes to the roof structure i.e. build dormer(s), install roof lights etc…, insulate, build partitions, plasterboard the loft, install the staircase, finish remaining plaster boarding and second fix. Throughout the conversion the electrician, plumber and plasterer will also be turning up at the correct times. We also have to arrange for the building inspector to come out at certain stages to assess the work and pass them off. Once the conversion is complete and the final inspection has been booked and passed, the only thing left then is to receive the completion certificate. This normally takes about 1-3 weeks.

Thank you

Here at Cutting Edge we will offer a little parting gift, just to say thanks for choosing Cutting Edge!


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